denver airport great hall

Location: Denver, CO


RNN Architects is participating in the Denver Airport Great Hall Project design-build team under contract with Great Hall Builders. Our services include work to assist with coordination, review, and clarification between two primary team members –– Saunders Construction and Ferrovial.  Three major functions provided by RNN Architects were included in its services.

  • Construction Design Team Architect (Liaison between Designers and Constructors). Duties included work for the Construction Team processing primarily Requests for Information and Requests for Approval (submittals)

  • Architectural Design Team Coordinator (Liaison between Designers and Client) included work for the Design Team facilitating communication between the owner/client and the design consultants.

  •  Liaison between the City and County of Denver Community Planning and Development Department (CCD P&D) and the Great Hall Project.  Duties included leading weekly meetings between the Great Hall Project, CCD, and Denver Fire Department (DFD) evaluating completeness of design packages submitted for permits and then tracking permit progress and resolving issues, and importantly to facilitate a good relationship between the City and County of Denver and the Great Hall Project.