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Boulder Colorado

Boulder County Housing Authority developed 518 Coffman Street which is approximately a 1.3-acre site into a mixed-use facility. The design is to become an integral part of the City of Longmont’s Coffman Street redevelopment-improvement project. The project site is located on the city block located along Coffman Street between 5th and 6th Street in Longmont’s Central Business District (CBD). The “mixed-use” facility has an approximate building area of 180,000 Sq. Ft, 240 parking garage spaces, approximately 10,000 Sq. Ft of commercial/office space, 75 affordable housing dwelling units (one, two and three bedrooms), leasing office, community room, various resident amenities and building services functions. The “Residence” portion of the building includes a centralized courtyard open to the weather, providing daylight to internally located dwelling units surrounding the courtyard perimeter and provide sat gathering space including amenities for residence and private groups to enjoy. This multi-family affordable housing portion of the project is to be constructed with conventional wood framing four stories in height as a modular of panelized system.


The proposed structure was designed to accommodate solar panels (PV) integrated into the vernacular of the architecture. The project was designed in compliance with HUD Guidelines for accessibility and Enterprise Green Communities for sustainability. The “Parking” structure (post tensioned concrete) is to be a total of five stories with three primary service areas including parking for residence, the City of Longmont offices, and adjacent property owner. Future tenant occupancies are located on the ground floor level with direct access to the pedestrian alley. The parking deck will be designed as a series of trays along Coffman Street and will align with the levels of the adjacent residence providing convenient access for persons with a greater need of accessibility. Primary façades of the garage have integral decorative screens to enhance the structure’s appearance and ramps are located on east side of structure along the northeast service alley were visibility is limited. The primary focus of this facility is the “Pedestrian” and their interactive relationship to the City of Longmont.


A key feature of this project is accessibility to the Central Business District providing convenient connectivity for all service areas of the parking garage (public, private business, and residences) from Coffman Street to Main Street through the parking garage at ground floor level. This physical connection will be experiential as the pedestrians circulate both vertically and horizontally throughout the building and site. The features of the pedestrian connections are strategically planned to provide both a visual and physical relationship to the City of Longmont urban fabric downtown and surrounding features. This project is located immediately adjacent to downtown Longmont, close to county services, a vibrant job market within walking distance of transit stations. It is closely linked to, and extends an east-west pedestrian way, that links neighborhoods from the east and west to Main Street. The link literally goes through this project development. BCHA and RNN Architects engaged the community into an active, result-oriented endeavor. Participants in the design and discovery process were able to touch, feel, and recognize the ripple effects of their creative input and labor upon construction. Community outreach and public engagement was organized by BCHA and RNN Architects. RNN Architects worked extensively with stakeholders, community and maintenance personnel to involve them in the design process.

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