The Spoke on Coffman

Location: Longmont, CO

Area: 1.3 Acres

Building Area: 180,000 SF

RNN Architects, Inc. collaborated with Boulder County Housing Authority to develop 518 Coffman Street, an approximately  1.3-acre site for a mixed-use facility. The design is to become an integral part of the City of Longmont's Coffman Street redevelopment-improvement project and features four stories of multi-family affordable housing and a five story parking structure serving residents, City of Longmont offices, and adjacent property owners.

A key feature of this project is accessibility to the Central Business District providing convenient connectivity for all service areas of the parking garage (public, private business, and residences) from Coffman Street to Main Street through the parking garage at ground floor level. This physical connection will be experiential as the pedestrians circulate both vertically and horizontally throughout the building and site.

The structure was designed to accommodate solar panels (PV) integrated into the vernacular of the architecture. The project was designed in compliance with HUD Guidelines for accessibility and Enterprise Green Communities for sustainability.