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Denver International Airport Great Hall

Denver, CO

RNN Architects Inc. has been providing Design Quality Management, Design Quality Assurance, Construction Administration, BIM / Revit Support and Field Quality Control for the Great Hall Completion Project as a subconsultant to Stantec, Inc., the Lead Design Consultant for the project.  RNN is contracted to provide these services under a series of task orders in order to implement design in a series of project / construction phases so as to not interrupt active operations and passenger thru put at Denver International Airport.

The Great Hall Completion Project is intended to completely alter the interior layout of the Main Terminal at Denver International Airport.  Work includes moving all TSA Security Lines from Level 5 to Level 6 while reconfiguring ticketing and baggage check-in at Level 6. Vertical circulation to / from the Level 4 train departure platform is being expanded and MEP / COM /Security systems are being reconfigured from Level 3 through Level 7 roof to accommodate alternations to the terminal. Baggage Handling Systems from Level 6 to Level 4 are undergoing major renovations / changes. Retail spaces are also undergoing relocation and reallocation where possible.

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