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CU Boulder Chiller Replacement
The Institute of Behavioral Genetics 

Boulder,  CO

The chiller replacement is part of systems for a laboratory/vivarium building on the University of Colorado Campus.  The old chiller was a twenty ton. chiller located on the roof of a one-story mechanical room on the East side of the building. The new chiller is a forty ton. chiller located on a new isolated ground level pad on the south edge of the building. All previous chiller piping is being removed and the roof of the 1st floor mechanical room is being fully replaced. The new chiller will receive new metal screening to maintain CU design standard and avoid an “industrial” look. The new chiller piping enters the building through the wall above the finish ceiling of the 1st floor and continues vertically through the 2nd floor to the roof. On the second floor a new pipe chase is being added next to an existing chase allowing for minimal internal space loss/interference and achieving a hidden finished aesthetic. This new chiller will better meet the needs of the Institute of Behavioral Genetics while also creating a screened off pad that is easier to access for maintenance and potential chiller replacement in the future.

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