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Denver International Airport
Great Hall Project

Denver, Colorado

RNN Architects Inc. has been providing Design Quality Management, Design Quality Assurance, Construction Administration, BIM / Revit Support and Field Quality Control for the Great Hall Completion Project as a partner to Stantec, Inc. RNN Architects Inc. is contracted to provide services under a series of task orders in order to implement design in a series of projects and construction using phases as to not interrupt active operations and passengers at Denver International Airport.


The scope of work of the Great Hall Project consists of the demolition and ultimate reconfiguration of existing facilities to accommodate the following:

  • New architectural floor plan layouts and finishes including complete TSA reconfigurations.

  • New and reconditioned MEP systems.

  • New baggage systems and passenger ticket processing facilities.

  • New vertical circulation elements such as elevators and escalators conveyances.

  • New and reconditioned restrooms.

  • New floor plan layouts accommodating structural system alterations.


The original project focus was changed from an emphasis on retail development to a more operational approach to improve airport operations and passenger flows to serve an estimated 100 million passengers per year as projected in year 2030.

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