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Denver Public Schools: Munroe and Schenck Elementaries

Denver, CO

The Renovation Projects at Munroe Elementary and Schenck Elementary Schools continue RNN Architects’ strong track record of delivering successful projects for Denver Public Schools. These projects encompass a wide array of architectural updates as well as supporting engineers as upgrades to the mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems, demonstrating our expertise in educational facility design and renovation. RNN also handled building code summaries and cost estimating services for the entire work scopes.

At Munroe Elementary, a 2 story, 67,000 sf school, our team evaluated the structural concrete floor assembly for integrity and created the architectural scope and specifications to address wall and floor integrity and finishes when replacing plumbing fixtures such as water coolers, mop sinks, class room solids interceptors, etc.

At Schenck Elementary School, a 79,000 sf, 2-story school, our team removed and replaced HVAC units serving the Auditorium and Cafeteria spaces and select electrical panels and improved the electrical infrastructure throughout the school. Structural evaluations were conducted to determine if, in-place versus roof top HVAC replacements was most cost effective.

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