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Rockies Game  2023

In June, RNN Architects, Inc. organized an exciting outing to a Colorado Rockies game. As part of our commitment to fostering a positive work environment and building strong team dynamics, we arranged a special day out for our employees at the renowned Coors Field in Denver. Beyond the on-field action, the outing offered our employees a chance to unwind and connect outside of the office environment. We enjoyed delicious ballpark hotdogs, engaging conversations, and friendly banter as we cheered on our team together. The outing allowed us to strengthen relationships, foster camaraderie, and create lasting memories.


By experiencing the game as a team, we embraced the values of collaboration, unity, and shared success that define our company culture. This outing was not just about the sport, but also about building a sense of belonging and reinforcing the importance of teamwork in achieving our collective goals.

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