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Valdez Elementary School

Denver, CO

DPS Learning Landscapes Upgrades and various selective improvements to fourteen Elementary Schools outdoor playgrounds.  RNN Architect worked closely with Denver Public Schools and with each of the individual school’s administration team to define and prepare final scope programming, perform site evaluations, assist with establishing budgets for each school, propose and prepare design/bid/construction documentation for each project sites and administrate the construction. Some of upgrades, but not limited to, included the following design features:  New playground equipment, new play pits with synthetic eco fall protection surfacing, existing playground equipment repairs, sand pits, soccer field with artificial turf, on site stormwater management systems upgrades, modify existing play pits to be ADA compliant, basketball courts, bleachers, retaining wall designs, replenish engineered wood fiber in play pits, landscaping, perimeter decorative fencing and gate systems.

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